Our shop

  • Vestis Store is located in Iso Omena shopping center. You'll find us in the 3rd floor. You can reach Iso Omena by bus or metro stop Matinkylä, with a car, and there's a city bike station right next to the main entrance.

    The fresh collection is updated daily and our staff welcomes you to bring items for sale, explore the collection, or just to relax and spend time in a place that's all about reusing and great atmosphere. Separate collections are sold at the shop and online. We're here to make sure one person’s treasure is definitely another person’s treasure!   

    Opening hours:

    Mon-Fri: 12-18
    Sat: 12-18
    Please notice product intake closes 30min before closing time.

    Vestis Store
    Iso Omena, 3rd floor
    Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo 

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