Vintage Collection

The Treasure Hunt - Marimekko Vintage Collection Curated by Vestis

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Join us on the ultimate treasure hunt! We’ve always loved great vintage pieces, that last both in quality and style. In 2015, we started our collaboration with Marimekko with the aim of creating a more sustainable future for fashion.

Marimekko items have been known to be passed on from one generation to the next one: from mother to daughter. Now we’re taking the idea even further. We have reached out to our international community of vintage lovers and together curated a collection of items that are now ready to be rediscovered!

Gems of the collection include items from the 50’s to the 90’s. Every item is both quality-checked and hand-picked and ready to be your ultimate vintage find.

The Treasure Hunt Vintage Collection celebrates the idea that one person’s treasure is definitely another person’s treasure. Browse the collection and start hunting here!

The collection is part of the official collaboration with Marimekko