What Sells Best

What items sell at the moment?

We appreciate quality items with modern and timeless styles. Our best selling categories at the moment are:

 Spring colors and natural materials

 Dresses and tunics

 Jackets for spring

 Shoes; loafers, sneakers

 Knits (e.g. wool, cashmere, linen)

 Leather bags (shoulder strap is a big plus!)

 Accessories and scarves

 Marimekko and Kalevala

 Well known brands, items bought within the past few years

Rarely accepted 

These are some of the categories we do not take in as much due to weaker demand:

- High heels
- Blazers, suits, dress shirts
- Tricot t-shirts and tops
- Evening dresses
- Vintage and retro (Marimekko & Vuokko vintage is OK)
- Items without labels

All items must be brought just-washed! No ironing needed.

Please notice; product intake closes 30 minutes before closing time!