What Sells Best

What items sell at the moment?

We appreciate quality items with modern and timeless styles. Our best selling categories at the moment are:

 Autumn colors and natural materials

 Dresses and tunics

 Shoes and sneakers

 Knits (e.g. wool, cashmere)

 Jackets for autumn-winter

 Leather bags


 Marimekko and Kalevala Koru

 Branded items

Rarely accepted 

These are some of the categories we do not take in as much due to weaker demand:

- High heels
- Blazers, suits, dress shirts
- Tricot t-shirts and tops
- Evening dresses
- Vintage and retro (Marimekko vintage is OK)
- Items without labels

All items must be brought in as just-washed.

Please bring items to the store 30 minutes before store closing time!