Sell your items!

Sending items

Sell your items!

Be part of the change towards a society that gets excited about reusing: Our consignment service is an effortless choice to sell your clothes and accessories! We do all the work and give you 50% of the selling price.

You can bring your item(s) to our shop, or send them to us:

Sending items for selling:

  1. Get to know our service (what sells best & what not to send, consignment agreement)
  2. Pay the sending fee by ordering this item. You'll receive sending instructions to your email.
  3. Pack your items and send them to us. Please make sure all items are just washed!

When your package arrives, we check the items and take in the ones most likely to sell with us. You can follow the sale and journey of your items in real-time from your Seller Account!

Should there be items we're unable to take, we can send them back to you.

This service is available only in Finland and Europe.

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5.90 €
Every item is
quality checked
Guaranteed sustainable
14 day
return right
Brand: Sending items
Reference: 105277

Second hand is a more sustainable choice! This product is hand-picked and quality-checked. At Vestis, we make sure that one person’s treasure is definitely another person’s treasure.

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